Our members saved up to 70% with POS rate 

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Green Geometric Shapes

Bank Pos Low rate

Save up to 70% of your current POS rate plan


Pay now price

$ 299/Year


Pay when see your new bill

$ 399/Year

Step 1: Register for order or for your interest

POS Low Rate Plan
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To place order or register interest, please take the time to fill out the information below.


*Where do I find my Terminal ID?

  -> on your Pos receipt

*Where do I find my Merchant Number?

  -> on your Merchant Tax invoice

Will you consider changing bank to enable low rate?
What other service do you plan to participant?

How do I find my POS Terminal ID/Merchant Number?

Step 2: now you can choose to

* Please make sure you've completed and submitted Step 1 form

  • Order plan and pay now ($299/year)

* if you're currently with Commonwealth bank.

Payment Method 1:

Bank Transfer with reference number

Financial Institution: Westpac Bank

BSB: 035213                

Account number: 425950

Account name: Nebula Data Pty Ltd

Reference*: Your company/store name

Important: please quote your company name or store name in refence/description file when making payment, so we can receipt payment to your order

Payment Method 2:

Process via online payment (credit card / Paypal/AliPay)

Select your order
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  • Order plan and pay when seeing your new bill ($399/year)

* If you're currently with Commonwealth bank.

* We will send tax invoice to your nominated email address within 3 business days after 

placing order. Invoice is due on the 10th of the following month (so you can see your saving on your new billing!)

* Overdue invoice will be deemed as dropping off the plan / a willing not to continue 

receiving low Pos rate benefit. The original invoice will be cancelled. We will send cancellation to your nominated email address within 3 business days effective since invoice due date, your previous Pos rate will be applied for future transactions.



  • Request one of Woopa's friendly team members to contact you 

for your low rate Pos


* if you're NOT currently with 

Commonwealth bank.


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Where do I find my POS merchant number?

Woopa-Merchant Tax Invoice.PNG
  • Where do I find my Terminal Number?

Woopa-Merchant Receipt.PNG